Fundraising Ideas

EAPPI US encourages all applicants to consider their personal resources and ability to raise support from their networks.  Fundraising from friends, family, community and church is an effective way to get people engaged in the mission of EAPPI and your three-month term as an EA.  EAPPI US requests that all applicants make some effort to raise funds from their networks.

Raising Funds:

  • Friends and family: People have successfully raised money from friends and family by making targeted asks and also using online crowdfunding platforms.
  • Your home congregation: Your own congregation is a good place to start. Raising money from congregations usually involves making a presentation to the congregation about EAPPI before you leave, sending in regular reports to the congregation while you are in your placement, and making another presentation upon your return. When congregations become invested in you and what you are doing, they understand what accompaniment means because they have become accompaniers, too.
  • Regional church bodies: If your congregation belongs to a regional church body (such as a synod, diocese, consistory, etc.), you can contact the bishop, president, or other officer for help with funding or contacts with other congregations. Someone might be willing to sponsor a fundraising dinner at which you can make a presentation.
  • National church body: If you belong to a church that has a national body or a global mission or social justice department, these, too, could be sources of funding.