Scholarships Available

EAPPI-US has funding to reduce the costs of participating in the program. These scholarships are intended to strengthen the advocacy of EAPPI-US and will be awarded to candidates with strong advocacy skills and experience, and the ability to commit to post-term advocacy engagement.

EAPPI-US also encourages all applicants to consider their personal resources and ability to raise support from their networks.  Fundraising from friends, family, community and church is an effective way to get people engaged in the mission of EAPPI and your three-month term as an EA.  EAPPI US requests that all applicants make some effort to raise funds from their networks.

Fundraising Ideas

Applications are received and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please direct requests for application forms, information about scholarships and any questions, to, or fill out the contact form, here.

For more information visit the WCC EAPPI website.